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 tea-lightsAll your body does is work night and day to support you—because your body loves you unconditionally.

Hopefully in two or three decades, medical communities will have the tests and the answers to offer you true relief. If you’re suffering right now, though, I doubt you feel you have 20 or 30 years to wait. You’ve already waited long enough.

If you’ve been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, hypothyroidism, or any other thyroid issue, chances are extremely high that you’re not getting the most effective treatment—because without true insight into what causes thyroid illness, medical communities aren’t yet able to offer remedies that heal the underlying problem.

And if you’ve been tested for thyroid issues and the results have come back normal, you could still be suffering with an under- or overactive thyroid gland and not know it—because thyroid testing is not yet entirely accurate.

This small gland in the front of your neck is not the metabolism manager everyone thinks it is. The thyroid hormones that have been discovered so far—and the ones yet to be discovered—do not directly control your weight or regulate your hunger or ignite your libido or elevate your energy. This concept of metabolism is oversimplified and outdated.

Truth is, your thyroid is your body’s data center. It is your second brain. Messages from every organ and every gland get delivered to the thyroid—when necessary, as complaints.

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